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Lee is always happy to receive enquiries for painting commissions. His creative pieces can be found in a number of prestigious locations around the world from the homes of celebrities to spa hotels and offices.

If you would like to contact him with your size requirements, subject matter or a price that you have in mind, he can discuss a few ideas for a commission. If you would like to own a painting of something similar to one of his previous works of art, he will happily discuss this with you too.


There will be no need for a deposit and you are not obliged to buy the finished painting, although it's fair to say that all of Lee's clients have been truly delighted when they've received their artwork.

A photo of Lee Tiller standing beside a large painting commission of trees.
Monart Hotel in Wexford sjowing a Lee Tiller painting called the Colour of Spring

Irish actor Barry Keoghan who has a passion for all things Canis (and in particular the Grey Wolf) recently commissioned Tiller to produce a large and colourful oil painting.

Of course, you don't have to be a Marvel actor in order to commission or simply own a Lee Tiller painting, you just need to recognise collectible and bankable art.


Irish Enterprise Award 2022

Best Impressionist painting commissions

Photograph of Actor Barry Keoghan and Lee Tiller
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