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About Lee Tiller

Lee Tiller lives and paints in his studio (affectionately known as the ‘Yellow House’) nestled amidst the mountains of Kerry on the wild Atlantic coast of Ireland.


His influences are many, but he is especially inspired by the great French Impressionists of the 19th Century like Monet, Pissarro, Caillbotte, Manet, and more recently the post impressionists like Bonnard and Van Gogh. It’s no coincidence that his paintings are often referenced in publications alongside Van Gogh and Monet.


His works are collected around the world and can be found in private collections throughout many countries including the UK, Ireland, USA, France, New Zealand, Canada and Japan.  


On his art, Lee says “almost my entire professional life has been concerned with ‘Light’, either creating it or capturing it. As a photographer I would endeavour to capture the fugitive and transient effects of light on film. As a lighting designer I would use light sources as art, creating effects designed to enhance built environments that engage with the human experience.


As a professional artist I strive to recreate the effects of light and shadow in the landscape through colour, tone and form. I adore the process of creating art, the anticipation and excitement of the next piece, and the challenge of placing daubs of oil upon a flat two dimensional surface in an attempt to convince that a third dimension exists. 


Within my paintings, as in nature, you will discover microcosms of colour harmony that often surprise and intrigue. Through the sensitive yet often bold use of colour I hope my paintings instil a sense of place and convey an emotional statement for the viewer. I think art transcends conversation, because it implies or expresses emotion through a flat space of silence.


Exploring my paintings you’ll discover minute colour combinations that resound with chromatic harmony and tone, much like the rich and resonant sound of a twelve string guitar chord.


Art can be delicious, sexy, romantic, contemplative, or any one of a multitude of life affecting and life affirming experiences. Without question, it is the oldest form of communication known to man and although sonically silent, exudes a loud voluminous splendour that is rarely if ever equalled.


With grace and good fortune, the artworks that we create today will continue to speak and engage with others far beyond our own our lifetimes.  Like all artists, I generally work in isolation, yet I hope my paintings contribute to the legacy of art for many generations to come.”

Lee Tiller painting a large commission.
An Impressionist painting of light throught trees.
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